Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday 9 May, and a lovely way to cherish our mothers is by spending some quality time showing our appreciation for their many uncelebrated sacrifices.

With the added risk of going out due to the Covid-19 pandemic, keep Mum safe and avoid the masked throngs by staying at home to plan a poignant moment with the entire family. Read on for 5 sweet, thoughtful ideas that will make for an unforgettable stay-at-home Mother’s Day.


   1. Breakfast in bed

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? This is a simple yet undeniably effective way to put a guaranteed smile on Mum’s face as she wakes up to the tantalising aroma of kaya toast and Kopi C. The whole family can be involved in (quietly!) preparing this feast before she wakes up. For extra points, arrange a spread of her favourite foods to show you’ve really put in effort to making this a special event.  If you are unsure of what to make her, here are some simple recipes to follow.

breakfast of croissant and bagel in bed

(Image Source: Freepik)

Note: avoid disaster by choosing firmly packaged dry foods. Mum is unlikely to appreciate having to clean up a bedspread soaked in (delicious) fish-head curry.


   2. Prepare a care package

For the working mums, or any mum who has been feeling worn out by recent events (honestly, who hasn’t been?) a thoughtful care package is the perfect gift to brighten up her week. This care package can include her favourite flowers, candles, perfumes, snacks, shopping vouchers or home-made pastries. Anything, really, as Mum would appreciate it.

We strongly recommend writing a heartfelt letter about what you’re grateful for in 2021 Doing so isn’t just free of charge, taking the time to sit down and write an actual letter with pen and paper will warm Mum’s heart and show that you truly care.


painting of a heart shape for mother day as a gift

(Image Source: @micheilehenderson/Unsplash)

For the artistically inclined, a hand-drawn portrait or drawing is a lovely keepsake that Mum is sure to treasure. For the artistically non-inclined, best stick to a nice Polaroid. Fret not if you are running out of time, here are a few creative ways to make some last-minute gifts.


    3. Stay at home karaoke night

Though the pandemic has tragically silenced our go-to KTV joints, a little resourcefulness can revive the good vibes. Just search on YouTube for the ‘lyric videos’ to Mum’s favourite songs and sing along to get the party going.

Studies have shown that singing along with people raises our serotonin levels, stimulating our brain’s pleasure centre. What better way to make Mum happy than celebrating her love for 80s disco together?

Yes, it’s a little awkward in the beginning without the normal array of blinding lights and deafening stereo music. But power through the first few songs and we promise that you’ll quickly become comfortable belting out the high bars of Beyonce’s Listen.


   4. Prepare a home-cooked meal together

Cooking together is a great way to reconnect by sharing moments, memories and experiences whilst spending time together in the kitchen. Be it experimenting together on a new, complex formula, or revisiting a classic family recipe passed down from generations above, completing a dish together will grant you both a real sense of satisfaction.

The whole family can get in on this activity and cook up a Mother’s Day feast to be truly proud of. We recommend dishes that involve repetitive and calming movements like folding dumpling skins which allows conversation to naturally blossom.

Food has a special place in everyone’s heart as so much of our culture and identity is connected to the dishes we enjoyed in our childhood. If there is a dish that only Mum can make, in her particular way that no one else can emulate, learning the recipe from her through preparing the dish together is a sentimental and thoughtful gesture that she’s sure to appreciate.

 spread of asian cuisine of noodles and salad from unsplash

 (Image Source: @durianbullet/ Unsplash)


   5. Enjoy a socially distanced picnic in nature

While this is technically cheating at its not at home, a socially distanced picnic at one of our many nature parks is a safe and fun activity that will bring the whole family closer together. We recommend finding an open green that is not too crowded (avoid Botanic Gardens) so you can spread out a big picnic mat and relax with home-made sandwiches, fruit, and wine.

We strongly recommend checking out the relatively secluded area at Diary Farm Nature Park which offers a spanning valley of green bordered by beautiful granite cliffs. There is enough space on the green to safely accommodate many families, so pack your picnic basket and head down to Hillview MRT station (Downtown Line) for easy access through Dairy Farm Car Park A.

Dairy Farm Singapore

(Image Source: Google)

In line with NParks advisories, be sure to keep at least 1m distance from other park-goers and mask up when you are done eating/drinking. Most importantly, enjoy a relaxing moment in nature reconnecting and swapping nostalgic stories.