With the global pandemic going on, we find ourselves hitting the sack earlier or even staying in compared to pre-pandemic. Being on social media at home can get restless especially when we finally hit the bottom of our discover page. However, being at home doesn’t always have to be boring and unproductive, as we have 5 ways to make life more interesting, at the comfort of your home.


1. Cook a four-course dinner for you and your loved one

Drinks, appetisers, main course, desserts — nothing more in the world can show affection for a loved one than food.

Inspired by the four-course meal challenge on TikTok, the winner of the rock-paper-scissors could choose what he/she wants in a particular course and the loser will have to prepare it for both of you.

Here are some ideas to start with:

Drinks: Strawberry Limeade, Sangria Wine or show off your creation from the next activity!

Appetisers: Kimchi and Pork Dumplings, Nachos

Main Course: Stir-fried Garlic Noodles, Garlic Butter Steak

Desserts: Baked Ricotta Cake, No-Bake Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Before serving, plate your homemade dishes to boost your dining experience. Collect House provides a variety of lovely plates and bowls that can enhance such experience.


Even the simplest dishes can look like one from a fancy restaurant. (Source: Collect House)

Remember you can be creative in choosing and preparing for each course for an innovative (and possible fusion) cuisine. That’s the whole fun of it!

Bonus round: play a final round of rock-paper-scissors and the loser gets to do the dishes!


2. Create a new drink

With a rise in global temperature, being at home also means tolerating the heat without complimentary air-conditioning from shopping malls or the office. So why not beat the heat with innovative beverages made at the comfort of your home?

For starters, you can create a simple mock-tail just by simply combining your favourite fruits and beverage. Smash the fruits to release their flavour and mix the cold beverage-of-choice into in and voila, a refreshing mock-tail in less than 10 minutes.

Of course, feel free to use different spice and ingredients you have around your kitchen— make it as easy, or even complicated, and let your family and friends have a taste of it!

salted watermelon juice by bon appetit

Ever heard of salted watermelon juice? (Source: Bon Appetit)

For alcohol-lovers, we got you as well! With the ‘Make-Me-A-Cocktail’ website, you can create a cocktail with what you already have at home. Now you can have more options with your whiskey rather than just cola! 

Pair your drink with an intricate wineglass for the extra feels!

3. Rearrange your rooms

Don’t confuse it with “Clean up your room”— this has a little twist to it.

Rearranging a room doesn’t mean going through and throwing away unused items that have been there just in case you might need them in the future. Simply moving things around could spruce up the room tremendously.

If you’re bold enough, why not rearrange your house and get your family members to join in as you exchange room furniture. Let your beanbag be your sibling’s, and let their full-length mirror be in the living room— don’t limit yourselves! Here are some tips from The Spruce that can guide you to optimise your room’s space.

Mirrors are perfect for an illusion of a wider space. (Source: Modsy)


4. Make music playlists with your friends

Getting bored of the Top 50 playlist on Spotify? Grab some friends and create music playlists for each other filled with tunes that you think they might like, and get them to do the same for you.

Surprise each other with the curated playlists and enjoy them through Spotify’s group session, where you can enjoy the songs together without having to meet in real-time.

Alternatively, Spotify allows you to create collaborative playlists together. You can make countless playlists for different occasions, such as for exercising, working, and even a chill evening, and you can listen to what your friends vibe to for each occasion as well!


5. Learn a new language

Although this may seem like an intricate process, it is relatively simple to pick up another language with the help of these language learning apps. What’s more, these apps are free for use!

Another good way to brush up your skills is by watching foreign films that speak the language. Of course, subtitles are always a great help but challenge yourself to watch a film without the subtitles once you get better at the language.